10 Funniest MMA Fails

10 Funniest MMA Fails

Known for their brutal fighting skills and elite fitness, MMA athletes have taken the world by storm. But let's remember, for every Conor McGregor, there is one of these guys below. Sit back and lets all take a look at the lighter side of getting beaten within an inch of your life.

We found this roll man at gifbin.

We found this chest cracker at totalprosports.

We found this undercover Secret Service ref at ebaumsworld.

This dink touching ref comes from reddit.

Another amazing punch from reddit.

ebaumsworld shows us that this guys hips dont lie.

Found this peoples champ at gifbin.

We found this spin class legend at totalprosports.

This display of human excellence was found at sherdog.

We found this elite specimen at vulkkan4.

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