Top 5 Do's & Dont's for Summer Music Festivals

Top 5 Do's & Dont's for Summer Music Festivals
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Finding yourself wearing fashion choices you have never worn before? Pretending to know bands you have never heard of?  Taking 11 extra days off work (with the "summer flu")? Well, hold my wallet while I pee in this bush, it must be summer music festival time again! While everyone is there to have a good time and party, it's important to remember a few things if you don’t want to embarrass yourself. Follow these simple steps to make sure your festival going time is fun, sexy, and safe.

DON'T complain about the lines

Remember everyone is in this together, so be nice to the staff and refrain from trying to start a sing-a-long with your fellow annoyed line comrades. We found this epic line at SCPR.

DO wear a shirt

Fellas! I know you haven't been asked to go to a mid-festival wedding but is it imperative that you keep your rock hard aba dabas out at all times? Throw a t-shirt on and make everyone around you feel comfortable. We got this prime example from Just Jared.

DON'T get too wasted

Coming out of the gates way to strong to the point your friends want to join the witness protection program is not advised! Keep it classy just like this guy from All Mystery.

DO respect people's personal space

Being so far up in someone’s grill you can smell the hotdogs cooking is a definite no no. Keep a hula-hoop distance at all times unlike this photo we found on View From Port.

DON'T wear a fanny pack over your shoulder

Scoopnest shows us that wearing a fanny pack over your shoulder is a tell tale sign you are selling naughty things out of it. Keep it around the waist if you don't want to be searched.

DO set a meeting point

Without a meeting point finding your festival buddies will be harder than finding Waldo while blind and on acid in a strobe light factory.  If you don't pick a spot you might end up like there people on VH Team

DON'T hit on everyone you see

We have all seen people like this image from F This Movie, creeping up on every woman who comes within 10 feet of them. Let's take a lesson from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Remember what happened to the fat German boy when he got overly confident with that chocolate river? Don't be that guy.

DO actually see bands

Don't end up like there people from Metal Trek and actually see bands. What? Oh yeah, there are bands at this very expensive former farm in the middle of nowhere!  

DON'T give out free hugs

Hey, I like redundant internet fads as much as the next person but let’s be honest, give out too many and you will look more like Kony 2012 than a peace loving freebird. Thanks to Catherine Deveny for this perfect representation.

DO have an awesome time 

Get out there and make some memories in the sun, dust, rain and rock your little hearts out. Remember, there is always someone having a better time than you. Like these dudes we found at JoBlo.

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