This is What Your Childhood Crushes Look Like Now

This is What Your Childhood Crushes Look Like Now

When you were growing up two thing were the ultimate truths:

1. Your teachers definitely lived at the school and never left.

2. Your childhood crushes would always stay the same.

Now that the sands of time move so much faster, we forget about the things that used to occupy our minds on a daily basis; childhood crushes. Here we look at some of the most pants-moving celebrities of the early 2000's and how they have changed.

Hilary Duff

We would love to wake up, wake up on a Saturday night with Hilary. We found this image on hawtcelebs.

Danielle Fishel

Topanga was probably the first girl to make you get over the whole cooties thing. We found this pic at instyle.

Rachael Leigh Cook

She's still all that! We found this image at InStyle.

Lindsay Lohan

Sure, she's had her ups and downs since Mean Girls, but let's be honest; you still totally would. We found this image at US Weekly.

Kirsten Dunst

We crushed on her when she was captain of the cheer squad in Bring it On, and we're crushing on her now. We found this image at Lebeau Le Blog.

Anneliese van der Pol

The funny best friend from That's So Raven has only got even hotter. We found this image at Richest Celebrities.

Kristin Kreuk

She captured our hearts as Lana Lang on Smallville, and she definitely still has them now. We found this image at M Star News.

Ashley Tisdale

Sharpay looks even better with darker hair, does she not? We found this image at hawtcelebs.

Christy Carlson Romano

Ren from Even Stevens now rocks glasses! We found this image at Zimbio.

Jamie Lynne Spears

This Zoey 101 star is a certified MILF. Found this image at justjared.

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