These Surprising Things Are Huge Turn Ons For Women

These Surprising Things Are Huge Turn Ons For Women

Most men think walking into the bathroom, wearing nothing but a pair of faded boxershorts from the discount rack at ROSS provides more than enough mojo to get their lovely lady's steam train a chuggin'. Or maybe the more classy gentlemen out there will attempt the tried and true method of eating a dozen fresh oysters followed by covering their loved one's bed with rose petals. Make sure you don't get those two mixed up - Trust Me! 

While all these approaches have merit, we are here to show you some lesser known underground maneuvers that could have her going from "not tonight" to "why not all night"!  

Sharing A Cup Of Joe

If the first thing your beloved sees when she wakes up is you presenting her with a hot cup of coffee, you are on the right track to sexy town. Plus that caffeine could definitely come in handy if things get frisky.

Give Her A Break

After a long day at work the last thing your other half wants to do is well... anything! Show how much you care by picking her up from work and taking her out for a nice dinner. (No, Burger King's 2 Whopper meals for $10 doesn't count.)

Saying "I'm Sorry"

These two words have turned many a heated argument into a heated frolicking.

Random Acts Of Candy

If your sweet-heart has a sweet-tooth then surprise her once a week with a favorite chocolate bar and watch her melt in your arms. 

Let Her Be Herself

Encourage your lady to let her freak flag fly.

Unloading the Groceries

If you want to see underwear, then make sure you are waiting out the front - with open arms - when she pulls up with a carload full of groceries.

Let Her Dress You

You might think cardigans are best left to librarians from 1956, but if you let her dress you from time to time, it might just end up in sexy time!

Watch The Movies She Likes

If you can make it thru 50 First Dates without climbing thru a plate glass window, you might just find a pleasant surprise at the end.

Be Patient

Don't act like Jim Carey on Ritalin if you want to see some skin. Play it cool and let the good times roll.

The Little Things Add Up

As in everything, consistency is the key. Do all the little things right so you can enjoy her good mood and good sex.

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