Hugh Jackman Getting Shredded For His Wolverine Roles Will Inspire You

Hugh Jackman Getting Shredded For His Wolverine Roles Will Inspire You

Famous for his portrayal of the X Men's Wolverine, Hugh Jackman's rig is consistently touted as one of the best in show biz. Believe it or not, this Aussie heartthrob isn't naturally a giant beefcake. So if this self-proclaimed "skinny dweeb" can get more stacked than a Jenga tournament then what's your excuse? Follow these 10 steps and you too could be saving the world from a human magnet.

The Bulk And The Cut

Use low-intensity training and intervals to keep bringing the body-fat levels down while bulking. A good discussion of it can be found here.

Carb Cycling

Have carbs on weight training days, and low-carb on rest days. Read more here.

Calculate The Amount Of Calories And Macronutrients For The Specific Goal

Hugh ate very clean throughout the entire filming process, but more importantly, he consumed the right amount of calories for his goal. My Fitness Pal is your friend.


While bulking, use creatine for shakes. When cutting, reduce, and then remove the creatine. Protein and fish oil will also not be money wasted.

The Program

The training program is designed on a four-week schedule. During these four weeks the reps for the main lifts are changed each week. (Read on for specifics.)

The Main Lifts

Barbell Bench Press, Back Squat, Weighted Pull-Up and Dead Lift

Week 1

The four-week cycle begins with a simple 4x5 power plan and plenty of assistance work.

Week 2

Low Reps 

Week 3

Up it to 90% of your W1RM. (This acronym stands for "Working One Rep Max, it basically isn't your absolute max but a heavy single rep fairly close to your actual max.)

Week 4

This is the hypertrophy week so turn up them reps, get more calories, and you will be looking like you have an adamantium-infused body in no time.

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